This CD is performed with exquisite taste by two prestigious artists who provide a highly successful and authentic interpretation of this quintessential Hispano-American sound. They present a very attractive and accomplished finished product. Both interpreters work perfectly together in their approach to these beautiful songs born from the incomparable creative talent of Lecuona, mixed with the fine poetic flights of the most distinguished poets such as Juana de Ibarbourou and Gustavo Sánchez Galarraga. The Spanish-American singer Ana María Ruimonte and the Cuban pianist Huberal Herrera weave a fine brocade of sound in every one of the songs they perform.

Excellent selection… complete technical control… great sensitivity and drama” 5 Stars. Melómano.

Enjoy the great creative capacity, talent, communication, and overall the sensitive intensity with which they convey the essence of these songs… Highly recommended“. Opera Actual.

Huberal Herrera is a brilliant pianist possessing a beautiful sound like the greatest virtuosos of that instrument, who interprets the Cuban music as we always want to hear it.” – Gonzalo Roig, composer, founder and conductor of the National Opera of Cuba.

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