Review Soprano Meets Contrabass

* Great performance at the Free Library in Philadelphia with Soprano Meets Contrabass and Shawn Hennesey. Alan Lewine and Juan Ramón Jiménez y España y América unidos por la música con OperaWeek 2014! Commemoration of Alfredo Kraus in Philadelphia!



* “I just wanted to thank all of you for the amazing concert on Sunday. This was the first pop-up where, not only did we fill up all the seats we had out there, but we even exhausted the reserves I had hidden in the wings. And since people kept wanting to stay to listen, I had to call Buildings Department to bring up another cart of chairs mid-concert. That’s how much people wanted to stick around to hear you! Yes, excellent sound, excellent show. Thanks to all three of you”: Perry Genovesi, Free Library.

* “I was really blown away on Sunday. SOPRANO MEETS CONTRABASS presents a very energized, cohesive and altogether enjoyable listening experience! The percussion is great and adds to the drama and story. Ana Maria’s voice was riveting and lovely and Alan’s bass was restrained, poignant and agile…. it all mixed together in a fabulously entertaining way.” – John R. Dorchester, film producer/director (MediaDog Films) and blues musician, on the October 2014 concert by SMC in Philadelphia.

* Another review, from Suzanne Cloud, fine jazz singer and Executive Director of JazzBridge (www.JazzBridge,org):
“I loved it! ….Ana sang beautifully ( very rich tone) and Alan sounded terrific [on bass].”

* Estuvo genial!!!!! Y el público aplaudió a rabiar que lo sepáis los que no estuvísteis. The Spanish Soprano Ana María Díaz met the American Contrabass Alan Lewine some years ago and they stayed together forever. That is great for both, for people who love them and for music. Last week was OperaWeek2014 and both of them performed with Shawn Hennessey at Filadelfia. It was amazing! Excelent performance! Bravísimo Ana María!!!! Congratulations! Virginia Esteban-Somalo, Redactora de Hoy en Delaware. 

* Twitter destacado por OperaWeek 2014!