Murillo 400th Anniversary

This is the year of Baltasar Murillo, a leading painter of the Baroque era in Europe. Born in Sevilla on the cusp of 1618 in southern Spain, Murillo’s 400th birthday is being celebrated throughout the world this year. This painting of his hangs in the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Titled “Two women at a window” it represents for us his vision as reflected in our production “The Cart of Love”.

Educational & Artistic Workshops “Ventanas a la Vida” or “Windows to Life” by Ana María Ruimonte ©2018

Ana María Ruimonte has created bilingual multidisciplinary and interactive workshops for students in Elementary, Middle and High Schools titled “Ventanas a la Vida” or “Windows on Spanish Life”. Each program, individualized by age group, includes hands-on experience for students in music, painting, poetry, body expression, dancing and puppetry.