EXITOS DE ZARZUELA: Big Hits of Spanish Light Opera. Gypsies and Chulapas.

Gypsies and Chulapas

On Thursday, September 15, 8 pm, in Opera America in New York:

Ana María Ruimonte, “The Spanish Mezzo&Soprano” sings the Big Hits of Spanish Light Opera with piano accompaniment by Maestro Robert Wilson.

Incredibly popular in Spain and throughout Latin America in the 19th and early 20th centuries, audiences today still spontaneously sing along with these arias in Madrid’s Teatro de Zarzuela.

Come join the fun of these often comic songs featuring women common and middle class, gypsies, flower sellers and chulapas.  The musical settings include popular Spanish dance forms and rhythms ranging from tango to guajira and the work of the most popular composers and lyricists of the era.

  • In Opera America National Center, 330 Seventh Ave, (between 28th and 29th), 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

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