Juan Hidalgo and Juan Carreño, the Baroque Golden Age in Madrid, commemoration of the 400th anniversary of their birth with the new CD Arded, Corazón, Arded or Burn, Heart, Burn by Ana María Díaz, Adam Hunter and Juan Carlos de Mulder

Ana María Díaz wants to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Juan Hidalgo with my new CD “Arded, Corazón, Arded” or “Burn, Heart, Burn” with some of the marvellous theatral songs composed by Juan Hidalgo, and to tribute the painter Juan Carreño, both sound and image of the Spanish Golden Era 400 years ago.


Juan Hidalgo was born in Madrid in 1614. He was a Spanish composer and harpist. He became the most influential composer in the Hispanic world. He dominated secular and theatrical music at the Spanish court. He was a prolific composer of songs and Tonos Humanos and enjoyed a great deal of popularity throughout his career. His place in Spanish theatre history is equivalent to that of Purcell and Lully.

He composed the first Spanish Opera with Calderón de la Barca as a dramatist with the play “Celos aún del aire matan” or “Jealousy of the air kill”, which is the most antique opera in Spain.  Another compositions are the comedy written by Lope de Vega named “La selva sin amor” or “Forest without love”, “Triunfos de amor y fortuna” or “Triumphs of love and fortune” written by Antonio de Solís.

Juan Carreño was a Spanish painter born in 1614. He worked for the court in Madrid and he is mainly recalled as a painter of portraits. He had an understanding of the workings and psychology of the royal court as no painter before him.

He refused to be knighted in the Order of Santiago, that Velázquez accepted before, saying that Painting needs no honors, it can give them to the whole world.